Man is the most complicated of mechanisms by nature. But as nature tends to over-complicate systems and processes, we at SGK4 believe in the simplicity of things. Our vision is a reformed business environment, consolidation of processes and simplified access to quality global services in a variety of industries such as technology, security, transportation, wellbeing and education.

SGK4 Group is an international corporation engaged in multi-national commerce and services, and our goal is to connect between major business centres of the world and to promote globalization in the international business sphere.


SGK4 Group specializes in producing international connections and promoting global cooperatives. Our extensive ties within the international trade and media communities allow us to offer our clients opportunities for cooperation and trade relations with just about anyone.

Import and export

SGK4 Group works closely with top global manufacturers and provides comprehensive import and export services. Our relations within the global industrial community allows our subsidiary, ImpAx International, us to locate the best goods available around the world and to provide the best methods of shipping it to and from anywhere.


SGK4 Group is engaged in development of cutting-edge technologies, start-up projects, commercial website design and much more. Our technological subsidiary, Coody Tech, provides business and technological consulting and accompanies select start-up projects through the process of concept-to-product.


SGK4 Group provides high-end branding and marketing services for every business or commercial venture. We employ the best visual and marketing experts available to create beautiful brand designs, and effective marketing and business plans.


SGK4 Group believes that better education is the key to a better world. This belief of ours encourages us to create unique educational systems, for both adults and children, systems that will benefit their participants – but also the world we live in.


SGK4 Group promotes arts and creativity. In addition to funding and distributing works of art throughout the globe, SGK4 also owns a music label, TMG, which works with both new and seasoned musical talents, is engaged in making, publishing and marketing music and videos.

Benjamin Ginzburg

Founder, CEO

Daniel Ginzburg

Co-founder, VP

Moti Kirpich

Co-founder, CFO

Shlomi Hayun

Co-founder, CTO